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Keystone Private Foundation

Keystone Private Foundation

Progressive, transparent philanthropy with planned purpose


Many people have a powerful sense of social responsibility and wish to leave an enduring legacy for those in need


Keystone Private Foundation provides a progressive platform for people wishing to give back and connect with worthwhile causes while making a powerful difference.

Our team are committed to delivering beyond the benchmarks in transparency, independence, and governance in private philanthropy, offering you satisfaction, assurance, and peace of mind.

Furthermore, giving through Keystone Private Foundation allows you to give to those most in need and work together to make more of an impact than a one-off donation.

The Keystone Private Foundation provides an innovative, cost-effective and efficient philanthropic service rather than setting up an individual Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) or other structures. This frees you from having to deal with the investment, compliance, governance and administrative burden of operating your own structure whilst still enjoying the benefits of tax-effective giving.

“Keystone Private Foundation provides an innovative platform for businesses, employees, families and individuals to give with planned purpose.”


General Fund

The core of the foundation is a General Fund where businesses, employees and individuals can make tax deductible donations above $2. The resources are pooled to create stronger investment power, resulting in larger gifts to make a greater difference. We have created the General Fund to distribute funds to charities that have the greatest need or where the gift will make a truly significant contribution to fulfilling their purposes.

Sub Funds

We also provide the option of personalised Sub Funds where donors can create a lasting individual legacy that will be held separately from the General Fund and other individual Sub Funds.

We understand that giving is a deeply personal experience and some causes will resonate more strongly with you, your family and loved ones. Sub Funds allow you to determine which philanthropic group or purpose you wish to contribute to, how and when.

It provides complete flexibility and control of the giving process. 

The benefits

Through Keystone Private Foundation, you will:

  • Create a legacy for the future
  • Access a simple and tax effective structure for your philanthropy
  • Grow your philanthropic capital allowing you to make a greater, lasting difference
  • Enjoy peace of mind that the management of the fund and your donations are in trusted, independent, and transparent hands
  • Provide a useful educational experience through a Sub Fund as part of a broader family continuity program 

Governance Framework

  • Professional, experienced board with independent member
  • Formal investment policies
  • Structured grant application process
  • Focus on measurable results

Keystone Private Foundation Team

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