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Keystone Private Cyber

Keystone Private Cyber

Resilience partners for knowledge, security, and trust in the cyber environment


The cyber landscape is an evolving, complex environment requiring experience and expert knowledge to effectively protect your information and technology


Our job is to ensure your personal and corporate information is used as you intend, and in a manner that contributes positively to your security and success.  Our expertise comes from our extensive background within the national security community, and broad experience in the private, corporate and government sectors. 

Our service is based on contemporary best practices, providing a clear set of objectives and information on how your digital connectivity can and will affect you. 

“Importantly, we help you develop and implement a framework that aligns your information and security management to your specific personal and business needs.”


Our cyber security consulting services include:

  • Audit and assessment of existing information environment, asset practices and security risks
  • Tailored recommendations for contemporary best-practice digital and network security
  • Design, development, and execution of security control systems for ICT and information assets.
  • Strategic planning for secure information exchange
  • Ongoing information and communications security management
  • Security certification and accreditation preparation and assessment

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